We have the highest standards for maintaining quality starting from purchase of Yarn upto Finished Product & this is being managed & operated by professionals & skilled labour. The Yarn is being procured from Mills producing high quality yarn made from superior cotton.

Weaving is being constantly monitored to ensure quality, sizes, weights, reed/picks & designs are strictly in accordance with Customer needs. Special Dyeing/Bleaching process is adopted to ensure colors are bright and high level of softness & absorbency is achieved. High quality Chemicals & Dyes are being used & Imported from Sandoz/Clariant of Switzerland.

Finishing & Tumbling processes are applied on Towels to achieve fluffy & volumous finish. After Dyeing, Inspection of fabric is being conducted to ensure color matching, softness & hand feel meet Order requirements. Cutting, Sewing & confection is being done on latest Machines in line with International Standards.

Final Inspection is being done 2 times in separate departments & by different personnels to ensure highest Grading levels. 2nd & ‘B’ quality goods are separated and only ‘A’ grades with perfect quality standards are shipped to the Customers.